Linda Loduca

Stockton, California USA

My name is Linda Loduca. Until I retired in 2007, I worked in telecommunications / IS. My occupation was time consuming and stressful. In addition I was raising my daughter as a single mom. I found during those stressful years that writing and drawing were relaxing and good forms of therapy.

My daughter is now married and I have two beautiful grandchildren, but they live almost 300 miles away. My inspiration to write children’s books for my grand children came while driving 4 hours with my dog ZuZu to visit them. To learn how to do illustrations for these books I have been enrolled for 1 ½ years in the JLI Academy of Art.

I hope all will enjoy the books in the ZuZu Tails series as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Book 1 is completed and available now. Additional books are in the making and will be released in the future.

Books by Linda Loduca