Lisa Grice

Sydney NSW Australia

I've had a pretty random life. I grew up in a Christian home so spirituality is a big influence in my life, although I have definitely had my ups and downs. Lately I have been doing a lot of reconnecting with those roots outside of what you'd call 'organised religion'.
I've done a fair bit of travelling since school for various reasons - nannying in USA, singing for missions in PNG, working as a music pastor in London, and a tour of the Middle East.
Until recently, my main work has been in admin, but late 2013 brought a period of anxiety that forced me to quit my job and focus purely on my health.
I currently live in Sydney AU with my partner Markus, my parents, and our 2 'Wegies', Mundr & Semi, and I now have my dream job, surrounded by books, assisting in a school library.
Writing has been a significant therapy for me. I hope that what I write brings as much joy to others as it has to me, and allows people to take away thoughts that will linger long after the book has been put down.