Virgofit LLC

Roseville, California, United States

Like the sun rising at the beginning of your day the body is just as beautiful but let us not forget that like that sunrise our bodies also serve a very real purpose. That sun rises to bring us light and life and our bodies exist as a vessel to hold the very essence of our energy and provide us with the means to connect to every living thing on this planet.
Coaching is not something that you do it is who you are. I am a coach. I am a leader. I am a student. I am healthy. I am fit. I am a man. I am a husband. I am a father. This is my identity these are the categories with which I define myself. Each of these categories can be defined individually then poured into a pot mixed thoroughly and what you will get is 100% me.
We are only as special as our relationships
and through connection you will find your individuality.

Areas of Expertise

Athletic Development
Fitness Therapy
Life Coaching
Executive Coaching
Weight Management
Fitness Coach
Anti-aging Care
Virtual Care Services
Sales and Distribution
Gym Owner

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