Lindsay Johnson

California, USA

Lindsay Johnson is a recent graduate of Skidmore College where she received a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art with minors in Art History and English Literature.

Lindsay was born and raised on the coast of Southern California with the Pacific Ocean in her front yard and the Santa Monica Mountains in the back. While many flocked to the beach to surf and enjoy a suntan, Lindsay always found herself drawn to the mountains. For Lindsay the mountains present a fantastical world where mystery reigns and anything can happen. Much like the lost boys of J. M. Barrie’s Never Neverland, Lindsay finds pleasure in the imagination where there are no boundaries and childhood is eternal.

She is currently excited to take steps towards a career in advertising, with the hopes of one day becoming a creative director. On the side, Lindsay is combining her love of literature and her love of design working on a children's book series.

Books by Lindsay Johnson