Luis Garza

San Antonio, TX

Luis M. Garza was born in San Antonio, Texas. In 2001 he married Michelle Garza and now they keep
a residence in San Antonio. Although he has been photographing since he was in high school, it wasnʼt until
he began his studies at San Antonio College then finishing the BFA Program at the University of Texas that he
felt he had taken his first steps to creating images with a meaning or sub text. Part of this beginning is the
realization that images above all else tells a story, invites the viewer into a narrative, provides a new insight or
simply makes the viewer wonder. Although a photograph is one moment in time, it is important to see that
there have been events that shaped the image. Also, it is important to see that the image will shape events in
the future. It is a photographerʼs challenge to photograph the events that can share a story with the viewer.

Books by Luis Garza