Lorraine Molloy

Northern Ireland, UK

Northern Ireland based visual artist Lorraine Molloy (born 1988) graduated from University of Ulster, Belfast with a BA (Hons) in Fine & Applied Art in 2011.
Lorraine considers her distinctive experimental practice as a perpetually evolving entity. Her curious versatility often results in works ranging from small sketchbook pieces to large format photographs. Approaching her work with a constant need to reappropriate what already exists, she is interested in conveying the ugly and the brash with a sense of destruction and dark humour. She is consumed by the process of collecting found images and bastardising them as she attempts to seduce the viewer with the unsettling feeling of curious familiarity. Offering a multitude of textures and actions in a plethora or artistic practices, each piece is intended to imply feelings of discomfort and disconcerting nostalgia.

Books by Lorraine Molloy