Lola The Vamp


Sensual and intensely feminine with a hint of dark romanticism, Lola The Vamp is a performer who will capture your imagination long after you have seen her dance. Australia's premier burlesque performer for a decade, yet she is so much more. Few performers have garnered such intense media attention and breathless reviews. Lola's star has risen into the popular consciousness with regular appearances on shows like Australia’s Getaway, Today and Channel V, as well as some of the most famous photographic magazines and newspapers such as The Australian, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Scotsman.

Her short film, The Poor Slob and The Good Fairy made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival and her productions are festival headliners. Voted one of the eight hottest burlesque stars of all time (City Pages), she supported Nick Cave and Grinderman on their 2007 tour - something Mr Cave described as 'intimidating'.

She is the first performer in theatre history to perform burlesque for a PhD

Areas of Expertise

Burlesque, theatre, performance

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