Laurie Haines

West Hollywood, CA

Laurie Haines grew up in West Hollywood and graduated with a Film Studies degree from UCSB in 1996. After graduating college she bounced around working off and on for her father's law firms as a paralegal.

Her true passion has always been writing and since a young age was encouraged to pursue that direction. Not entirely certain of where her talents fit she kept her writing private. It wasn't until she put a band together that she was able to express her personal experiences in the form of lyrics and music.

A few years later she moved on from the music scene and started painting. She views her life as different chapters, with each chapter taking on a different art form, whether it's poetry, music or painting, they are what keep her grounded and energized.

She hopes to be an inspiration and wishes everyone will at what point in their life, tap into the artist from within.

Books by Laurie Haines