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Adam Peter McMillan
Blurbarian Since August 2009
Name Adam Peter McMillan
Location Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Gender Male
My Occupation Philosophy Graduate, University of East Anglia
My Bio Not really influenced by anything other than my slightly over-active imagination, I found poetry an easy form of catharsis, channelling my creativity.

I have many times said that I will write a novel, but the sad truth remains that I haven't the time or patience to work on such a project.

If I were to write a novel, I'd want to completely lose myself in it, put everything else in life on hold; in fact, I actually believe this would be necessary, were I ever to complete it.

But with poetry, I can dip in and out, tweaking here n there. I can see the beginning, the middle, the end...

Here's how I see it: A novelist is to an architect as a poet is to a sculptor.
I'd rather take a hunk outta my imagination, and craft it into something worthy of the page.
To create it from the bottom up, as it were, is a whole different ball game. And had I the stamina, I'd happily take to the field.

Books by this author

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
The third instalment of Through the Eyes of an Individual is out!! Hurrah!

But, in far more interesting news, I have actually got a novel underway...that's right...a full on novel!!
It's gonna be a reverse trilogy, based on the inevitable fall of mankind, through a series of sociologically radical plans that strive to save humanity from total destruction.

'Plan C' will probably reach your hands in..say..5 years :p
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