Dallas, Tx.

My name is Jesus Luengo (1975). I am senior technician in photography since the year 2005 and I have worked since then to the present.

All this time I've made numerous photographic works of all kinds: social reportage, street photography, portrait, product photography, landscape, events, children photography, new born, travel photography, music, etc ...

I come from Spain to work and learn the American culture. I want to exchange ideas, learn new customs, travel, improve my English and make lots of pictures. We came here through an agreement between the Ministry of Culture of Spain and the United States, to work in the education system (my wife works as a teacher in the Dallas ISD). We have our works in Spain to recover when we return in a few years. Perhaps my love for American photographers (E. Weston, P. Strand, A. Adams, R. Frank, etc ...) has been more than the tranquility of a comfortable job in Spain.