Mary Ann Childers

Bolivar, TN, US

I am a real estate professional in Tennessee, a fitness instructor of senior citizens, and a loyal University of Tennessee fan. At age 59, I am compelled to tell my story. I am a part of the "Tennessee Tradition", a proud group of Tennesseans who support girls' & women's basketball in Tenn., and have done so since the early 1900's. Women's basketball has changed dramatically since its beginning, and my story is only a short part of its history, that takes place from 1950 to 1971. But those years brought significant changes to the sport and to the overall opportunities for women. The story shows the influence that the "Tradition" made upon me as a child, and ends with my own contribution back to it in later years, as a member of the first UT Martin teams in 1969-1971, at the beginning of women's college basketball.

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