Margaret Ann Withers

New York NY

I describe my artwork as fragmentary narrative landscapes, or anti-stories that contain a flash of action or the hint of a non-linear narrative. They're visual contemporary companions to writers such as, Lydia Davis, Martha Ronk, or Diane Williams. The icons that I use within these abstract landscapes are narrative motifs that touch on the conflicting ideas of joy and melancholy, as well as community and aloneness in regards to the concept of home and communication. I like to use the house as a symbol in my paintings because their simplicity obscures the complex and uniquely personal relationship that each viewer has to an idea of ‘home’. The telephone poles are a universal and quickly fading icon of communication that symbolize emotional connection, formality, privacy, disconnection and alienation.

Areas of Expertise

Margaret Withers’ has shown her artwork in group and solo shows in New York City and nationwide, and internationally in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, China, Vienna and Russia. She has also exhibited at The Drawing Center and the Queens Museum in New York City, Monmouth Museum in New Jersey, MarinMOCA in California and Attleboro Museum in Massachusetts. Her art and art mashups have been featured in multiple journals including the New England Review, Alexandria Quarterly and the Library as Incub

Books by Margaret Ann Withers