William Maltese & Maria Bucalo

Rome, Italy

Like many of my passions also began with a present, made ​​by my mother when I was seven years old, in other words, the Kodak 200 EKTRA, it was 1980. Fixed focus f11 to a focal length 22 mm, door Flipflash with spare parts for ten bulbs and a handle that represented the protection making it similar to a weapon of "Space 1999", which among other things terrified me since then the initials sigle . Today I'm a professional photographer who tries to get busy in all the ways to stand out and do and give more than the maximum.

Who is Mary Bucalo. I was five years old when my father gave me my first book, a collector's edition , beautifully illustrated of "The Thousand and one day." I grow cradled by Beauty: Art, Music, Literature. Of every face, even the seen and reviewed a wonderful city like Venice, I love to discover their authentic beauty . I write to remember and celebrate. Life silent and vibrant behind the scenes of the "show the world".

Books by William Maltese & Maria Bucalo