Marc O Riain

Cork, Ireland.

Marc O Riain is one of Ireland’s most senior Commercial Interior Architectural professional.

He won all the industry awards nationally and one international award as well as running a successful teams at RORSA,Henry J Lyons and RUA Architects in Cork.

A graduate of NCAD in 1995 he has learned his trade in Galway, Dublin and Cork.

His work spans the national and international Blue Chip companies balanced with his Public Work.

As part of the RORSA team, he has been recognised with the IDI Grande Prix in 2007 which is the country’s top Design award for the exceptional work on the Cork University Maternity Hospital.

The combined approach to the interior architecture of the Cliffs of Moher earned Marc and the Practice the World Commercial Interior Design award from the IFI.

Marc is dedicated to social and educational aspects and has lectured in NCAD, Carlow Institute of Technology, the University of Limerick, and is currently lecturing at Cork Institute of Technology

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