Margherita Marchioni

Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Margherita Marchioni was born in Bologna in 1984 and graduated in Foreign Languages in 2007. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French. She is attending a two-year degree course in Journalism at the University of Parma.

In the last few years, she got interested in photography and in the possibilities of mixing words and images. After trying digital low-budget cameras, she decided it was time to have complete control over the process of shooting and creating. This pushed her into buying a professional SLR camera, which she now uses to photograph her travel experiences and cinema festivals.

She started with a small course of photography and then passed on to more complex ones. At the moment she is discovering the wonders of shooting and developing her own rolls of film. Apart from master photographers – Avedon, Berengo Gardin, Salgado and Leibovitz are her favourites – she finds great inspiration on Flickr.

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