Marianne Birkby

City or County, Country

Wildlife artivist
Paintings are completed in a variety of media from charcoal to mixed media.

Actively speaking up for wildlife - Marianne founded Radiation Free Lakeland in 2008 following Cumbria County Council's "expression of interest" in a high level nuclear waste dump and new build.

In 2012 Marianne coordinated the successful ....

"Rock Solid? Expo
Exhibition and series of events

*In Lakeland's leaky geology*
* a huge system of underground tunnels*
*to contain man's most long lasting legacy*

Is it possible? Is it ethical? How will we tell future generations?
Should we make more waste?
The Exhibition will include specially created artworks from participating artists based on the "Rock Solid?" Lakeland Geology theme. Different disciplines from traditional watercolour to multimedia

Books by Marianne Birkby