Anthony Marshall Artist


I have worked and taught as a professional artist/photographer for over 30 years. I have held many exhibitions in galleries around the UK and my current exhibition can be seen on Saachiart. Throughout my career I have undertaken numerous art projects with museums, private and national collections including Chatsworth and The Royal Institute of British Architects and have been widely published. I was also on the board of the Site Gallery in Sheffield for four years.

Areas of Expertise

I explore a new media that I call “Improvisations of Light”. Improvisation is usually associated with Jazz Music. I have been listening to jazz since I was twelve years old, and it was the improvisations that excited me, the ability to spontaneously move in and around the original theme with apparent effortless ease, or so it seemed?. My artwork follows this tradition, improvising with the light on any given day, creating composites of two or more images. Once this as been done, it cannot be cha

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