Marshall Peterson


Well known as a ground-breaking photographer, Marshall appears regularly on television, radio, internet, and newspapers, promoting his work and energizing the next generation of photographers in Guadalajara. Well-aware that museums and galleries capture the attention of a only a select few, Marshall, with his contagious smile and infectious laughter, has shown more than fifty times during the last few years, usually in uncommon spaces – music, youth, and cultural festivals, public spaces, corridors and classrooms of universities and high schools, parks, and even in the street – sharing his unique ways of expressing himself and generating new fans for photography in the process. Named by local press , “THE photographer of rock in Guadalajara”, Marshall is also the author and creative director of two other publications, Smoke Tapatío and SUB35. “Marshall has become a faithful witness of Rock and shows through his photos profoundly human and vital aspects lived on local

Books by Marshall Peterson