Martin Vegas


As Henry Miller said, our destination is never a place but a new way of looking at things. In these few words the essence of the photography of Martin Vegas is clearly summed up. Where the beauty research does not only celebrate the beauty of classical art forms, as in his vibrating angels at the same time so poetic and full of pathos, but it also recalls places and spaces of our life that daily pass unnoticed.

In urban photography, composition is mainly achieved through subtraction, often isolating the subject from the chaotic environment of the city that can be London, Paris, Rome or New York, but, stripped of its postcard image, inevitably assumes a dreamy look.

And the dream drives us to the path of photography of Martin Vegas.
A path made of ethereal, silent places, where everything is not only what it seems, but always contains a double personality. A different reading, which makes us ready to embrace new ways of interpretation.


Books by Martin Vegas