Maureen Green

Conifer Grove, Takanini, Auckland, New Zealand

I'm a mother of five, I enjoy them when no one is fighting. We live close to the water and we have lots of room outdoors, the reserve is right behind our house. I have three still living at home but really my 26 year old should be out. He's at school still and doing a graphic arts/design course. I love taking photos of any and everything. I love photography and should have done a course years ago but never got around to it. I love my friends alot and we do have lots of gatherings come the warmer months, roll on summer. I have a garden party organised for late April when my son Daniel and his girlfriend Courtney get down here from Baraboo, Wisconsin. Fun and games for all. Hope to write again real soon...bye for now...I had my garden party and it went off with a great big bang. It was the most amazing day, the weather held nicely for us. Even the little kids were keen to jump into the pool, albeit cold. We had an awesome band play for us. Maybe one day I will create a book of the day.