Max Scratchmann

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Mini Biography

British multi-media artist, Max Scratchmann, is the son of a Dundee jute wallah and was born in Calcutta in 1956. He sold his first painting in 1973 at the age of seventeen and entered the 'commercial art' world in the early 1980s producing a Super 8mm Fanzine and then graduated to writing and illustrating for Classic Images and Movie Maker magazines.
However, he soon became restless and, after writing the unofficial biography of Betty Boop in 1984, discovered collage and branched out into full time illustrating for media giants like IPC and Longman, as well as for numerous medium sized and independent publishers. He has produced comics and childrens' books and was exceptionally prolific during the 1990s when his work appeared in the UK, USA and Japan. He has illustrated over forty book covers and several hundred magazine spots and was the recipient of awards from Dimensional Illustrators in the USA for three years running.
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