michael Bracey

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Michael Bracey has received rave recognition for his lectures, photography exhibitions worldwide, and acquired various awards; the most recently being a grant from the Community Arts Assistance Program in Chicago (2004) and a fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council (2003) for his Africans Within the Americas book project and the 1987 Pulitzer winner John H. White Award for Portfolio of the Year (2001). To view other works of Bracey’s , He also has works in the book, The Journey: The Next 100 years (2006 release) was published by the Chicago Alliance of African-American Photographers in conjunction with Roosevelt University Press, the Chicago History Museum, and Chicago Tribune newspaper.

Bracey is a member of the Chicago Alliance of African-American Photographers (CAAAP) where he was president from March 2002 – April 2004.

Books by michael Bracey