Jamie McGregor Smith


Jamie McGregor Smith grew up in Kent and began his photographic studies while at school, finding early inspiration for his work in the redundant Cornish mines discovered on family summer excursions.

Smith studied photography at Staffordshire University in the Midlands and graduated in 2006, before moving to London in 2007 to begin his professional training with advertising photographers. It was during his studies in Stafford that he learnt of William Jenkins’ New Topographic movement and began his own contemporary documentary records of the defunct industries that were such an integral part of the economy in the area.

These same themes of beauty in the banal and industrial landscape in flux can be seen in his recent work, from his documentation of the collapse of the motor industry in Detroit to the shifting industrial landscapes of the north east of England and more modern urban landscapes.

Smith continues to live and practice in London, working on professional and editorial comm

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