Melissa Colleret

Quebec, Canada

What do you crave? Is your soul longing for something more? What lights you up? Uncovering the answers to these questions and seeing them come to life is why I’m here. My mission is to inspire and empower you to live a life that you adore, inside and out. Coaching, speaking, and writing are currently the main vehicles I use to fulfill this mission. I work with extraordinary human beings around the world who are committed to living life to the fullest. I help people design the lifestyle and business that will make them, and others, thrive. My approach is holistic and rooted in nature. On any given day you can find me hiking with my dog, Bali, or preparing smoothie bowls in the middle of the afternoon. I have a passion for surfing, travel, living simply, and anything that involves waking up to watch the sun rise or sitting around a campfire to watch the sunset. I am currently in the process of publishing a book, Embrace The Detours, and look forward to sharing it’s message with you.

Books by Melissa Colleret