Nina Samoiloff


Nina’s growing awareness of the limitations of our resources juxtaposed against the beauty of her adopted hometown, the seaside village and art colony of Rockport, Massachusetts, compelled her to begin creating again. Ironically, many of the sculptures she makes are of wood and metal pieces, the same materials she used during her studies at RISD. Now, however, there is a decidedly different twist to what she fabricates. Nina only works with materials that have been discarded, man made objects discovered in the natural world washed up on the beaches of Rockport. She manipulates these materials without drastically altering the form in which she finds them, and each sculpture, showing both the signs of artifice and nature, serves as a reminder of our tenuous relationship with the world we live in. Daily beachside walks with her dog provides her with plenty of material, and her finds are documented on her blog, Catch, where she posts images every day of her assemblages of pieces of lumber

Books by Nina Samoiloff