Michael Freiman

Sydney, NSW, Australia

My passion for pictures began as a child watching my father in his darkroom. I was mesmerised as images magically appeared onto printing papers submerged in trays of liquid chemicals. When I studied medicine I had no time to indulge this passion. Advances in my specialty of anaesthesia are driven by new technologies similar to photography's which have rekindled in me a fire for photography. Combining a love of travel with looking through the lens, I find myself transported into a wonderful world of creativity.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from some renowned travel photographers. Nevada Wier taught me to wait for the defining moment. Seeing the light, finding patterns and colour are central to my style. Many years in medical practice taught me valuable communication skills. When photographing people, it's this skill that establishes the trust and connection essential to capture the uniqueness of each individual.

Books by Michael Freiman