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M. H. Yaghooti
Blurbarian Since January 2008
Name M. H. Yaghooti
My Web Site isitandthink.com
Location Jersey City, NJ 07306
Gender Male
My Occupation Artist
My Bio "An artist is a chameleon - colorful, diverse and subliminal."

A meme, or idea, is a living organism. It has the capacity to change, apply and adapt quickly. I infuse my work with imagination and fluidity that reflects my environment and mood. Every painting is an observation in change within a manner of appearance and material, execution and subject matter. The artist can explore this change in politics, theology and idiosyncratic imagery thus building a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, leading them to his or her own interpretations, and giving them a unique and personal experience. The universe is constantly changing and so the individual and their work should as well.

I work in various mediums but oil and acrylic painting are magnetic. Much of my influence is derived from both traditional and modern artists such as Egon Schiele, H. Bosch, Goya, De Es, Francis Bacon and Kent Williams.

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