Steven Cronin


From a young age I was captivated by how an artist could transform a blank canvas. I would eagerly await Tony Hart on the BBC during the school holidays and sit in awe with my sister as he practised his craft, sometimes with the help of his little friend Morph.

When the opportunity arose to take a crack at painting for myself I grabbed it with both hands and have never looked back. The first thing I realised was art didn’t have to be complicated; some wonderful effects can be achieved with very little effort.

My love of landscapes has fuelled my admiration for travellers and explorers that have pushed the boundaries of discovery. Painting is my way of joining my heroes on my quest for new terrains.

My latest book is a collection of my artworks from the last couple of years. I hope it inspires others to pick up a brush and give it a go. The very best of luck!

Books by Steven Cronin