Craig Patterson

Colorful Colorado, USA

Craig Patterson is an award-winning photographer with extensive experience shooting a wide variety of subjects of concern to Baby Boomers. Unlike other photographers, each of the works he creates is limited to one original piece, printed on aluminum. Limited edition prints of that work may exist, much like prints of traditional works of art, but there is only one original, which is signed and numbered “1/1.”

For Craig's automotive work, he tries to bring out something in the car that people don't think they're seeing; a beauty that helps define the car, but isn't inherently obvious. Sometimes it's a curve, or a stance, or even a flaw that others might try to hide. Whatever it is that creates the beauty of the automobile, that's what he draws from. Every car is not a single work, but the result of thousands of individual curves and details. Those are what are important to Craig.

Books by Craig Patterson