Mike Bowden

Twickenham, UK

Born 1944 in the UK, with family to Germany and then Canada and back to the UK.
Trained as an aircraft engineer and worked for Handley page for 6 years.
Then joined the BBC and went into IT in TV, News and BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Retired in 2005 and trained as an English Language teacher (TEFL) and have been teaching part time ever since.
I have travelled a lot and in 2010 completed a cycle ride across the USA with a friend on the TransAm route of about 3,500 miles and then a solo cross Canada bike ride.
My latest ride was with my wife, Genevieve, across the Southern Tier route (Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas) - a total of 1,500 miles. We then continued our journey West after hiring an SUV and putting the bikes in the back and doing day cycles most days - through New Mexico, Arizona and California ending in LA to fly home to London.

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