Michael Cart

Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia, CANADA

In the course of a 30 year career with IBM, I had the good fortune to meet a multitude of people from all corners of the globe, many walks of life and diverse backgrounds ... They all had one thing in common ... a story to tell!

In the latter 9 years of my corporate career, I was responsible for IBM's Printing Division in Canada and the Northern Caribbean and fell in love with my old friend, the written word. Seeing the publishing industry from an in-house perspective and marrying the technologies of today with the dreams of people became the genesis for the formation of LOCKHART LITERATURE.

I truly believe there is at least one book in all of us! How to get it out and the story told was the first roadblock. If this could be solved and the process made easy and fun, my experience in understanding the publishing industry and its capabilities would bring the reality of '... your story ... your way' ... to life!

Books by Michael Cart