Mike Snow

London. United Kingdom.

I was born into a working class family in 1950. Conventionally educated until thrown out of the education system at fifteen. Excelled at English and the Arts both graphic and Fine Art. At sixteen was hospitalised with a mental breakdown.
Out of hospital some years later took a course in feature writing. At twenty-four entered into art college for four years as a full-time student studying Fine Art painting. At twenty-nine graduated art college with a Diploma Art and Design. Sold some work. But not enough to keepa family on -moved to retail management and got married.
Self-employed as a stone mason for four years. By which time I was an alcoholic and drug addict. Divorced. Detox'd both from the booze and powders I snorted up my nose.
Admited defeat and have for the last twenty-two years lived clean and sober.
I've lived quietly in Londons suburbia watching the urban gradually spread out from the centre of London.

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