Nicholas Gentilli

London UK

Permanently disenchanted with the nature of the single static photographic image , I tile, collage and create panoramas that evolve into "imaginary places". My work embraces our interaction with the built environment. I set out to create from single static photographs, a form of engagement that is almost "motion picture like".

I have always loved the built environment. I spent 25 years shooting interiors and architecture to order as a commercial photographer. Ever since I was a teenager I have had a passion and interest in the these two fields: architecture and photography.

Having spent so much time imaging places that were designed and beautiful, I find myself now as a full time artist drawn to the decrepit and tired side of the urban landscape. It is here presently that I seek to make my "imaginary places". Drawn to the creative elements in an often banal urban landscape, I find the elements that tell my story. I look for and express the good in what can often be described as

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