Mina Fuhr

Dakar, Berlin, Tokyo

Mina Fuhr (Berlin/Dakar) is a Japanese shapeshifter, who dances through a multiverse of disciplines and creative forms. During her studies in fashion design at the University of Arts in Berlin and the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, she was faced with the limitations of approaching the body from without, instead embarking on an somatic exploration from within. She has been dancing since age three with a growing fascination for different styles of dance and their relations to music, ultimately consummating this path at the source: in Africa, initiated in Senegal at the Ecole des Sables with Germaine Acogny, and being a featured dancer in her husband’s Deggi Daaj International Festival of Drumsets and Dance. In Dakar she teaches yoga and dance, while spreading the word of veganism through her book: Mother’s Milks - A mystic vegan cook book for healing your relationship to food.

Books by Mina Fuhr