Mindovo Technology Concierge

Chicago, IL, USA

Here at Mindovo we think technology is great. It is, in our estimation, the unprecedented catalyst of our age ... or at least it could be if it weren’t such an unbelievable hassle.

So our new little venture does one simple thing: we transform technology from a self-service hassle into a full service luxury. To accomplish this we’ve invented a completely new type of professional advisor - the Mindovo Technology Concierge.

Our Ivy League educated advisors are first and foremost thinkers, problem solvers, and communicators who offer careful guidance, plain spoken explanations and meticulous service.

If you’re frustrated by your technology and wish you could tap its full potential or if you’ve tried to get help in the past but felt misunderstood and overwhelmed we’ve got just the unique little service to set things right in your technology world.

Areas of Expertise

Computers, Networks, Electronics, Internet, Security, Communication, Troubleshooting, Websites, Creative Design, Marketing, Transportation, Custom Projects