Danielle Ruiz


For me, the passion for art and design, started at a young age. I was always drawing or creating something. From doodling in class to painting and sculpting, anything that took time to make myself was interesting to me.
In my own work, I have been drawn to mysterious or whimsical styles of art. Dark colors, high contrast, suspenseful feelings that can be felt in a piece; these are the genres I am drawn to. I like to play with many different kinds of materials and textures. I would say my own style is exploratory with an edgy feel. If I had to categorize my style using a few adjectives, they would be creative, fun, fierce, and edgy. My dream is to eventually have my own shop where I can sell my designs, artwork, and market my skills to perspective clients. I want to share this dream with other, like-minded artists who also wish to leave their own personalized mark on the world.

Books by Danielle Ruiz