Vanessa Fox

Nairobi, Kenya

My first book 'Chevalier et Madame Renard et le bebe' was written for my parents, born out of my love for them, and my desire to express my heartfelt gratitude and enduring affection, as I embarked upon a great adventure. The book carries a very personal message to them, but I hope one that translates to others, outside our family. It tells the story of hope, love, selflessness and joy, and the bonds that are formed with family that can never be broken. I hope you enjoy reading my fairy tale as much as I enjoyed writing it, and as much as I, 'le bebe', have enjoyed living it.

Born and raised in England, but now living and working in Nairobi, I have been fortunate to have the most wonderful life, and am surrounded by amazing people.  A 30 year old single mother to a delightful 13 year old daughter, I have a degree in Politics from Cambridge University, England. 

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