Estelle Reuter


Estelle is the daughter of Louis and Enid Tschirpig. She grew up in South Africa. She is married to Gerhard, a meteorology professor at the University of Alberta. They immigrated to Canada in 1987, where they raised four children. Estelle is thrilled to now also have 2 grandchildren.
Estelle works as a physical therapist.
She is passionate about bridging the gap between different cultural and socio-economic groups. She loves the South African people and is excited about the work God is doing in this country.
Estelle serves as executive director of Community Health International, (CHILD) which reaches out to impoverished communities internationally. CHILD is supporting a school in the Slangspruit community in KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa.
For more information, go to www.childsociety.org.
To contact Estelle, email her at estellereu@gmail.com

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