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Name mj petrucci
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My Occupation Nursing - We Sell Balloons For Free! :)
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I started writing in 1997. Not that I wanted to write; I always had other plans! Life ..where was it leading? I found myself doing anything that would keep me from slipping back into the superficial existence I felt trapped in. I needed something more, something that would provide greater freedom to be myself; something both fascinating and meaningful.
I was determined to never again trap myself, determined to never again lose myself at the sake of my own individualality. Truth inspired me, depth inspired me; Color, creativity, and imagination intrigued me. Where would I find what I searched for?
I waited and wondered, keeping up with the pace of what needed to be done. To keep myself busy I began putting my mother's writings from her many journals into books bound with ribbon. Little did I know I was a writer in training. My own heart eventually opened up to a new world; a world full of truth, creativity, and dreams! Writing takes me as far as I am willing to travel!

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
Writing has inspired me in many different directions. I like to have fun with it.. shed grief with it.. release painful memories and negativity, travel to far off places deep within the spirit. I like to hope & dream. Create possibilities! I have found that the best journey's are those that require you to just be still, and listen!
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"Spirit Embrace", by MJ Petrucci
published April 2007

It would take some time before the practice and the work would develop into what it was intended. 5 years before my mother passed away she taught me to write, now 5 years after a book is published. I never really thought I would write a book. I always had other plans! It was my mother who wanted to write a book, and I can see that she managed to get it done; just as it was intended. *Dreams find their way, but seldom in the way we expect*
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
"My Marbles Your Beer", A fun rap riddle all about love, love, love ..started in 2002 and picked up where it left off in 2005 - "Nature Walks With God", written in 2005. "God Gave Us Playgrounds", written in 2006. "I Love You Like.. Wow!" written 2013. "Love Is A Mudder" compiled in 2013 from varied writings. Currently working with new books from other writings in 2005 and 2006 .. "She Wore Lace" A planned series along a spiritual path

We are writing books, Mom.. lots & lots of books!! ♥