Mj Schaer

Lake Tahoe & Napa Valley California

Mj's background as a military photographer during the Viet Nam war later led to a highly successful career in commercial and sports photography and a position as a cinematographer for NFL Films. Later his focus turned to owning art galleries, But the lure of the cameras combined with his love of the outdoors led him to return to photography.

Today... Mj pursues a more relaxed challenge... capturing familiar and not so familiar subjects through a fresh lens and a redirected eye... striving for a different perfect image... to seek out, capture and create an exquisite visual image of art.

"I categorize my photography as the "Art of FREEZE” ©...
To look beyond the lens, to create, shape and finalize an instant in time that otherwise would never be seen again... A love, passion and satisfaction to visualize, capture and create that one-of-a kind image... the most important element of a camera lens, is the eye behind it.

Books by Mj Schaer