Maurizio Laudisa

Toronto (Ontario), Canada

Maurizio was born in Torino, Italy and landed in Canada in 1979 to attend college in Victoria, BC. After attending university, he eventually made Toronto his home town.

He started developing an interest in photography early on, experimenting with black and white film and development techniques back in his early days of high-school. After a hiatus of several years, he returned to photography when early digital compacts started to become affordable. A few years ago he graduated to a Canon G9, and more recently a Nikon D90 DSLR.

He hopes that someday, perhaps when retired, he might turn photography into more than a hobby. For now, he makes his living in Toronto as an IT executive in the healthcare sector. His other passions include travelling with his wife Jill, his two children Elena and Gabriel, cars, and wine.

He generally prefers to shoot landscapes, nature, rural and urban architecture. All photography featured here was taken with his Nikon D90.

Books by Maurizio Laudisa