Mario Mattei

Austin, Texas

Mario Mattei, filmmaker & photographer, is a visionary, storyteller, & people-person at heart.

His globe-trotting work has taken him to Turkey, Kashmir, Malawi, Kazakstan, & Jordan. Mario is passionate about contributing to the common good & adding value in the marketplace. Besides creative directing at design & web solutions companies, Mario's commercial viability stems from experience pursuing visual peacemaking.

In 2009, Mario moved to Turkey. There he founded The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers & produced photographic works & micro documentaries. He also founded the non-profit, Visual Peace Media.

Mario's current documentary, Dance the Past into the Future, explores the rapidly changing culture of northeast Turkey.

It's been a while since his early days of Kodak film, graffiti, rock bands, & education at ASU & the Art Institute of Phoenix. But one thing remains: Mario carries a creative vision inspired by a big, vibrant world that he loves giving back to.

Books by Mario Mattei