Moreno Salvatore

Terraqueous globe

​Moreno Salvatore before a sailor is a traveler.
He was born in 1956 in the green Umbria, an Italian region not touched by the sea, an element that has always attracted him since the adolescent.
He has been skippering and running sailboats since 1979. Moreno has was always fascinated with the sea, history and traveling.
Prior to sailing to South America, Moreno sailed to the northern high latitudes crossing the Arctic Polar Circle and continuing to
70° North. During the last few years Moreno has navigated single handed but also shared his experience with group sailing. During last years he has sailing to Cape Horn and Antarctica more trips and completed a course in glaciology and safe glacier hiking, including training for first aid to the victims of avalanches.
Moreno is PADI DiveMaster. He practiced trekking and ski mountaineering. He has attended courses in marine biology and geomorphology.
Moreno has cover more than 50,000 miles sailing from the Artic Circle to Antarctica.

Books by Moreno Salvatore