It Is About The Message


Even though Alfred Harrell is the face of It Is About The Message the mission of this company is to expose individuals and communities to messages from him and other orators whose words linger upon minds and hearts like misty cool rains falling on a hot summer day.
In June 2009, he became the lead organizer of Triad Poetry Meetup,, and under his leadership, Triad Poetry Meetup group has grown from 55 members to over 150 members. By means of various social media platforms he also raises awareness to a wide array of social issues also as an inspirational speaker and poet he stands ready to share his insightful words with audiences small or large.

"It Is About The Messenger Not The Messenger"-Alfred Harrell

Areas of Expertise

Public Speaking, community organizing, anti-gun violence activism, social media networking, networking, poetry writing group facilitation, event host, poetry writing, inspirational speaking

Professional Affiliations

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
Meetup Organizer
100 Thousand Poets for Change

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