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YaDa Chef is an all natural/organic freelance chef, yacht chef, and personal chef company. Food and a healthy eating lifestyle are our passions. The glimmering thought of YaDa Chef was in 1999, but YaDa Chef was not born until 2000 when Joseph Yacino partnered with Bryan Daniel. YaDa is the combination of two surnames, Daniel and Yacino. Joseph Yacino is the “Ya” and Bryan Daniel is the “Da”. We also like to think of it as a double positive meaning “yes, yes chef”. Please do not say, “yada, yada, yada”!

Chef Bryan Daniel & Chef Joseph Yacino
We are an owner operated south Florida business with a commitment to excellence, attention to detail and the ability to create unique and unforgettable events.

Proudly serving customers throughout the world with quality chef services since 2000!

YaDa Chef is a dedicated team of professional chefs serving customers throughout the United States and Europe - with additional clients and jobs throughout the world.

Featuring Chef Joseph Yacino

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