Martin Stafford

Norwich, Norfolk, England

Up until February of 2005, my only real experience with photography was dabbling over the years with various cameras to be able to keep memories of holidays alive (namely, a Kodak disc-based [circa 1984] camera and Fuji APS-based camera [circa 1995], any other camera I used was a disposable from the local Chemist).

I bought my first digital camera in February of 2005 (a Sony DSC-V3 digital compact) and soon saw everything around me from a different perspective. Within six months, I realised I wanted to take this new-found passion further and bought my first digital single lens reflex camera (a Canon EOS 350D), attending evening classes to grasp the basics of photography (composition, shutter speed, aperture).

My main passion is photographing motorsport but I am keen to try all "genres" of photography (low light, portraiture, still life, wildlife, etc.) as a way of continuously learning and pushing my own personal boundaries.

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