organiK Revolution

Chicago, IL

organiK Revolution has been created in today’s world where we are faced with our biggest challenge, the consequences of our damage to our environment and our climate. Although the climate change represents the sum of all the environmental and social damage done on our planet over the last century, the apparel industry has long played a heavy role. With the Earth’s natural balance in jeopardy, organiK Revolution's mission is to prove that it is possible to produce a clothing line without detrimental effects to the Earth's soil, water, inhabitants, and climate, with out ever compromising style or comfort.
While the green revolution starts with organically and ethically made apparel, we will continue to push the barrier by implementing a sustainable approach to all stages including manufacturing, shipping, and transportation. With this practical solution and the drive for change, we are taking immediate action to combat this crisis.

Get dressed… this is the revolution!

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womens apparel

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Chicago Fashion Incubator

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