Mark Gagne

Keene, Ontario, Canada

I was born and raised in the Greater Sudbury area of Northern Ontario, but now make my home in Keene, Ontario just outside of Peterborough. I’m most passionate about photography, particularly a theme I call “"the passage of time"”. Many would call this work “urban decay”, but I feel that is an overly simple and limiting title. Instead, I feel “drawn to the effects of time on what surrounds us every day, whether the decay is caused by mankind or natural forces”. I am truly alive in spaces that are no longer fit for use.

Art has had a place in m life for as long as I can remember. In high school, I majored in drafting and architecture. In 2003, I graduated from Cambrian College’s 3-Year Fine Arts diploma program. I am trained in a number of different artistic mediums, but photography is my greatest passion.

My work has been exhibited in galleries, cafes, restaurants, festivals and busy art markets.

Books by Mark Gagne