Timothy Ratajczak

Baltimore, Maryland

Timothy Ratajczak was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland - an honor he shares with H.L. Mencken, Frank Zappa, Spiro Agnew and a host of other dead people.

He graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, but with hindsight he should have majored in something more relevant to the entertainment industry such as cosmetic surgery.

As a screenwriter, Timothy Ratajczak has collaborated with his fellow Baltimorean Sean Paul Murphy on the faith-based/family-friendly features Hidden Secrets, Holyman Undercover and Sarah's Choice, as well as the award-winning comedy short Bag. He is Associate Producer of the shock-horror feature Braincell released through Cinema Images.

Much to the city’s dismay, he still resides in Baltimore, where he spends the majority of his time writing, collecting books and teaching people how to pronounce his last name (RAT'-uh-chek) – the latter being a full time job.

Books by Timothy Ratajczak