Ms SmittyB

Oakland, CA, USA

Ms. Smitty B began her career in media working as a Production Assistant on music videos in Atlanta. Moving up the chain of production she eventually secured work as a Camerawoman for Industrials, Entertainment News, and Documentaries. She was one of a team of camera operators on 900 Women and Angola Prison Rodeo, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Ms.B is also an Educator. She has taught at a wide range of programs - working with children as young as 8, teens, and adults to create short films and photography projects including Inner City Filmmakers, STAR Gifted and Talented Programs, LA's BEST After School Programs, The Art Institute, the DJ Project/Horizons, Streetside Productions/The East Bay Asian Youth Center, and the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts.

In 1997, she founded Community Bridge Video, a company dedicated to producing educational and promotional videos.

Books by Ms SmittyB